Shape Starter Tessepatch Bundle

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Create your very own unique patchwork project with this great patchwork starter bundle kit which includes 3 x craft cotton fabrics. This kit also includes instructions for you to make your very own patchwork cushion.

3 x 18” x 22” fat quarter craft cotton – orange with white spots red with white spots blue with white spots

½ metre wadding

1 x 2” MDF Hexagon template (12cm W x 11cm H)

1 x 2” MDF ½ Hexagon template (12cm W x 13cm H)

1 x 2” MDF Triangle template (7cm W x 7.5cm H)

20 x 2” Precut Hexagon (10cm W x 9cm H)

20 x 2” Precut ½ Hexagon (10cm W x 4.5cm H)

20 x 2” Precut Triangle (5cm W x 5.5cm H)